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Fresh Academy LOVING Katie Price SIGNED – Amy Willerton to WIN!

From 10000 wannabee celebs who paraded themselves in front of the Pricey months ago, a final fifty boys and gals were chosen to enter the Signed House and begin competing for the coveted prize…. To become Katie Price’s own protegee.  Here we are then, 7 weeks later when the final SIGNED eighth episode this week will air on Sky Living tomorrow, Monday 28th November at 9.00pm.  We at Fresh Academy can’t wait and will be Tweeting all the way through @freshacademy on Twitter. This is all uber exciting for us because as you may (or may not) know, Amy Willerton, one of the finalists has been a regular visitor at the FreshAcademy where we’ve had the pleasure of photographing her since she was just 15.  We are over the moon with how far she’s come and hoping she’ll go even further under the guidance of Glamour icon, the Pricey!

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Whilst it’s obvious that Amy is an absolute beauty on the outside, there has been quite a lot of controversy over her strong personality.  Frankly, from what we can see, Amy shows all the right signs (pardon the pun) for someone who wants to make a success of her modelling and showbiz career.  You would hardly call Katy Price a wall-flower, known for her candour and explosive lifestyle could it be that Amy, with her slightly bossy nature is perfectly poised to walk in Katie’s high heeled shoes?  It’s apparent to us that Amy knows what she wants and is going all the way out to get it.  Good for you – we at Fresh say.

It’s taken seven grueling weeks of Apprentice-style and showbiz tasks plus makeovers, photoshoots and bust-ups with the contestants for Amy to get this far.  Definitely bright and savvy, ourBristol born Amy is just 20 years old and is the 2010 Miss Bristol title holder. We know from the show that it’s true enough to say Amy loves the high life, is partial to the good stuff (champers and caviar darling) and isn’t afraid to mingle with the celebrities. A bubby, lively and totally caring young lady, Amy shows plenty of compassion, particularly evident where her younger brother is concerned, he is unfortunately severely disabled and she spends much of her time fundraising to raise money for charity supporting the disabled. This is not too far away from Katie Price’s own personal trials with her beloved son, Harley.


So who exactly is in the competition for the title and prize of being Signed by Katie Price and subsequently launched into the heady celebrity world of modelling and showbiz? Kirsten, gorgeous as she is, lacks a certain sophistication that is so obviously there with our Amy, and Amy seems to have a very strong air of confidence, not unlike Katie’s, and definitely more apparent than Kirsten’s.  As far as the male contestant we wonder if he is in the final three because he’s male and therefore it’s more politically correct to have a man in the finals.  Secretly we do actually really like Rylan and maybe he will get signed whatever happens, he’s good looking, got a great twinkle in his blue eyes and is just an all round nice guy – but is he going to go all the way?  Not if Amy can help it!

Follow us for up to date Tweets during the final on Twitter @freshacademy – see you there!

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