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The Fresh Studio Sets, making your picture perfect

Have you been to the Fresh Academy Studios in Watford lately? Why not come and visit us to see our ever growing and spectacular photographic sets!  We’ve got over 30 purpose built sets (yes we said over 30!) for you to choose from.  Not only that, our studio boasts 8000 square footage of incredible lighting, scenes, backdrops, and furniture… And we’re fully air conditioned so even on the hottest days of the year you can keep cool and refreshed.

You will have the time of your life choosing which sets you want to use for your photo shoot and then you’ll have even more fun selecting those finishing touches and accessories to go with your chosen theme. We’ve got a vast selection of furniture and furnishings, drapes, curtains, wall coverings not to mention props and accessories.  What does this all mean to you? Well, you get exactly the look you want. You already know that we’ve got resident make-up artists and hair dressers to create your look, but it really doesn’t end there. Once you step foot into the studio you can go to town with our collection, there’s so much to choose from.  We’ll obviously be on hand to help you with your decision making but we want you to have what you want so we’ll take the lead from you.

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It could be a catwalk shot you’re looking for? Or the good old outdoors (photographed indoors!) maybe you’ve fancied posing with a London taxi… Or on the dance floor? Something sultry? Try our beautiful bedroom scene and Boudoir furnishings. For the rock chicks we have some funky chains. There’s so much choice we know you’ll get exactly the look that you want and this is your chance to indulge yourself in whatever scene you like, from sophisticated to glamorous to chic, smart or casual.  We really do have something for everyone.

How about a photograph at our vintage style dressing table? This is part of our Boudoir collection, with opulent furnishings such as our antique look chair and plush bed complete with plump cushions. Talking about chairs, we’ve got tall bar stools, outdoor style seating, a chaise lounge and futuristic cubes you can pose on (or in!)  If you want a night time look then we even have a black backdrop complete with twinkling starry lights… Have a look at our photographs for a taste of what the studio has to offer and we hope to see you soon for your Fresh Academy photo shoot.

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