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Our top three simple styling ideas

Christmas is nearly here and our studio has been booked full of handsome families and cute kiddies who are all hoping for  a beautiful family photograph in time for Christmas. We love photographing families, watching the joy on parent’s faces when their little toddler smiles for the camera, joking with teenagers about their Dad’s dancing, and trying to laugh along with the grown-up families when they crack an in-joke. But when you’ve sorted out a date that everyone can make, and decided on a budget for your various wall-hangings and prints, that most important question is what to wear!


We’ve seen some brilliant examples over the last couple of months… And some not so good! The main offender is a style clash when Mum turns up dressed to the nines ready for a ball, and poor old Dad is wearing a T-shirt that is likely to have been worn for his DIY project… Not such a good plan!


We thought we’d share with you our 3 favourite ideas. There may be one here is that is just right for the age range of your kids.

Keep it classic, white and blue.


First up is an outfit ideal for wearing on a classic white background; blues jeans and a plain white top. You can’t go wrong with this one, and even if your littlest manages to dribble down their top as you arrive you don’t have to worry, your images will be retouched to magazine quality. To get this outfit right make sure you all agree on a shade of denim, and keep the white tops logo-free. Girls – make sure you wear the right colour bra and don’t forget to paint your toenails. Lastly, keep your accessories to a minimum, and smile please!


Our second recommendation is apply a theme. Whether it is stripes, accessories or a colour theme, the main trick is to keep it simple.

Stripes and teddy! You’re welcome to bring along a favourite fluffy friend if it helps the kids co-operate!


This idea can work for all age ranges, boys can easily incorporate colour in their outfits too thanks to chinos being so popular. Aim for a colour that everyone will already have in their wardrobe and stay clearer of colourful logos.


Lastly, why not celebrate? Bring something festive, something cultural or something sentimental to you. We have seen plenty of gorgeous saris float their way into the studio, we’ve photographed babies on Great-Great Grandma’s blanket and even seen a little one dressed up as a Christmas chef! Whatever your family hobby, you can incorporate it into your shoot in the way you dress or by bringing some props with you.


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Summery family photoshoot


If all else fails, and your outfit colours do end up clashing, we can always go black and white. So don’t panic, pack carefully and give us a call if you would like any further style advice for your Fresh Family shoot 01293 212 673.

Maresa x


Groovy styling for a day at the studio

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